Our team

Tawfiq Hope

Head of RushOwl & BD Director

Meet Tawfiq Hope, the powerhouse behind RushOwl Singapore’s success! As the Head of RushOwl Singapore and a driving force in Business Development, Tawfiq plays a pivotal role in our journey towards revolutionizing urban transit. Tawfiq has been instrumental in overseeing operations and propelling the growth of RushOwl in Singapore. His expertise in the Rail, Bus & Taxi industry has been a game-changer for our company, making commuting a breeze for countless passengers.As a key member of our passionate team, Tawfiq Hope’s dedication and vision extend beyond his role at RushOwl. With an innate ability to navigate complex challenges and a genuine passion for delivering exceptional service, Tawfiq’s leadership has fostered a culture of innovation and excellence within our team, guiding and motivating our team to achieve new heights. He’s a true inspiration to all aspiring change-makers in the transit industry.